Home Care Testimonials and reviews

We would like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to the carers who visit us regularly. Without them .... would be in care. We are so grateful not only for the care they gave ...., which was first class, but for the great help and support they are to me too. .... and .... were lovely when I fell and got into a bit of a state the other day. Through all the recent bad weather we were never left without help, and everyone was so amazingly cheerful. Every visit starts with a cheery greeting, and they make us laugh and feel better, even on the worst of days. So, though we struggle at times, we cant thank you enough for being here for us and making it possible for .... to be here too. With great appreciation.

J & B W

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the staff who have been involved with ....'s care, and the staff that have not been directly involved. With out your help my task would have been much harder. I would like to mention in particular ..... and ..... as they have had to deal with .... the longest, and since they finished I can appreciate the help they really gave to me. Thanks also to ..... [manager] her efforts in trying to keep the same staff members returning was so valuable, new faces were always a problem for .... and especially for the staff member, as they had to take the brunt of any verbal abuse that was thrown at them. Kindest regards

Mr G ....

I can now confirm that my Wife ..... has taken up full time residence at .... Care Home and will therefore no longer require the services of ComForcare. We are both most grateful for the service provided by your staff who have always acted in a caring and professional manner, and earned our respect for their dedication by helping ...... in circumstances that, sometimes, were less than easy. Many thanks to you all. Yours sincerely